Shorty talks :)

We’ve been doing the short story reading again, and really been loving it. Here’s a quick update of the short but wonderful stories that we grabbed of late:

A couple of months after I met Sarah, we went to my dad’s holiday place in Cornwall for the weekend by Daniel Bristow

This is a delightful and very short story about a man who takes his girlfriend Sarah on a holiday to his dad’s vacation home in Cornwall (as the LONG title suggests). It is about an experience they have when they’re visiting there, and it’s a rather cute read.

Available online here

The Doctor’s Sweetheart by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s pretty style of storytelling hasn’t ever failed to make me smile. When I picked up this short story by her, she didn’t disappoint, again. This is an old-fashi0ned, mushy story about a doctor who falls in love with a girl much younger than him. The girl loves him too, but the match meets with much disapproval in the small town where they reside. The story goes on to become more and more delightful and sweet. Pure mush, and loaded with the feel-good factor!

Available online here

Why Not Ask Miss Price? by Lucy Maud Montgomery

This is the story of a timid school teacher by the name of Miss Price, who doesn’t have anyone in the whole wide world, which has made her rather lonely and all the more timid. The story tells us how Miss Price is invited to a Thanksgiving dinner, and how this dinner turns her whole world around.

Though I didn’t like this story as much as The Doctor’s Sweetheart, it was quite a good read, too.

Available online here

Anna’s love letters by Lucy Maud Montgomery

This is another delightful story about two sisters Alma and Anna, and Alma’s supposed bethrothed, Gilbert. Alma does not want to be involved with Gilbert any more, but Anna cannot take it. She decides to write a letter to Gilbert. And then, the story begins.

It is quite a nice read, though it is predictable.

Available online here


I read these stories for the 100 Shots of Short Challenge – Shots #82, 83, 84 and 85.

Post title borrowed from Veens. 🙂


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4 responses to “Shorty talks :)

  1. oh well, how more far behind can i be. i have to do this!
    I will surely read all your recommendations and u r right, Lucy is such a delight to read 😉

  2. I thought I recognized the post title. These sound like short stories I’d enjoy reading. Thanks for the links. 🙂

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