God Explained In A Taxi Ride

God Explained In A Taxi Ride is an attempt by Paul Ardn to speculate on the meaning of God, which can be easily understood in a short period of time – as short as a taxi ride. It is a slim volume, consisting of barely 100 pages, and is written in extremely simple language.

I must say I quite liked the read. What Paul has to say is vry much what I believe in and stand for. For instance, his theories about ‘spiritual’ and ‘religious’ and his thoughts on suicide bombing.

Anupama was kind enough to gift me her copy of this book. She was disappointed by it, but I enjoyed the short read.

I now look forward to reading Paul Arden’s other works which, I hear, are quite inspiring and different, and have been well received.

I leave you with some snippets from this book that left an impression on me:

  • It’s the unknown that makes life so rich.
  • Most religions are different ways of saying the same thing. But we hear things differently because we all speak different languages.
  • Our refusal to understand the beliefs of others is why we continue to have religious wars to this day.
  • Why does God need you to defend him? It must be beacause you think you are more powerful than your God. If you think your God is weaker than you, that’s not much of a faith.
  • Young men are asked to strap bombs to their bodies to blow themselves and innocent people up. They have been told that this will guarantee them an early place in heaven. They are asked to undertakeย  what the people asking them to do have not themselves done. At least Jesus died himself.
  • Believing in God does not make you a religious person. It makes you a spiritual person. A religious person is quite different. A religious person is someone who believes in a Church, and (religiously) performs the rites and ceremonies laid down by their Church.
  • You can believe in God without being part of a Church.


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6 responses to “God Explained In A Taxi Ride

  1. Priya, this does sound enlightening (if I may use that word here), like something I’d enjoy reading, because I did enjoy reading the snippets you feature. They are thought-provoking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I hv to read this! Sounds gr8!

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