What do I need?

I picked up this tag from Suki’s blog, just because I was bored out of my head and needed something to divert myself. I hope you don’t mind, Suki!

The rule of the tag: Google “<my name> needs” and paste the top ten results! Simple!

Here’s what I got:

  1. Priya needs to kick-start her dating pool and I’m here to make that happen. (Ohmigod, no ways! I’m in no need of dating, thank you very much!)
  2. Priya needs to learn to behave so those around her are not hurt. (Really? Will leave this to my colleagues and friends to answer!)
  3. Priya needs to get her head out of where the sun doesn’t shine!! (LOL. Yes. That’s a good thing to remember.)
  4. Priya needs a taller bigger partner since Arun looks small with her. (Ummm, Arun who?)
  5. Priya needs to wait to be malamaal. (LOL again. Yes, I think I need to wait, too!)
  6. Priya needs to undergo an operation to restore her eyesight. (My eyesight is fine, thank you!)
  7. Mani needs to address his indecisiveness while Priya needs to make allowances for his procrastination. (Eh?)
  8. I don’t think Priya needs to find a new job, she just needs to start writing more objective reviews. (You got a point there! )
  9. Priya needs a dance master. (Oh I need one all right, with my two left feet!)
  10. Priya needs to learn all about the trends in this industry, how it works, what the requirements, and so on. (Good point, again!)

ROFLOL. That was super-duper fun!

Do take it up if you like it! 🙂



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12 responses to “What do I need?

  1. givingreadingachance

    whar happened to the love affair with Dahl?

    • priyaiyer


      That’s still ongoing. 🙂
      For the time being, I’ve exhausted all the Dahl books I had. Trying to read other authors. 😀 Too much of anything is injurious. 😛

  2. You had fun with this meme, Priya! 🙂

  3. Hey.. You mentioned 10 results.. where r the remaining 5? You censored it?? 🙂

  4. PA

    ROFL This sounds like fun!

  5. Swaram

    Ha ha ha! This one is super-funny 😀

  6. This was good fun!! i am going to do it too !

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