Temporary Bucket List (Movies)

Well, realisation is slowly dawning on me that life is passing by – at a frenetic speed. And if I do not make a *serious* attempt to fulfill those little dreams of mine, that’s all they’ll ever be – dreams.

I have decided to begin by making a list of all the things I want to do – the places I want to visit, the books I want to read, the movies I want to watch and so on. There are other things, but these are the three things I want to begin with.

For today, I jot down a list of all those movies I’ve always dreamt of seeing, but never got around to. The list also includes some movies I’ve seen, but would love to see again. This is not a final list, and will keep getting updated as and when something catches my fancy. I’ll be striking out movies from this list as soon as I finish watching a movie.

So here goes:

1. Panchatantram

2. Vinnaitandi Varuvaaya

3. Pokkisham

4. Eat Pray Love

5. Endhiran

6. James And The Giant Peach

7. Aashiqui

8. Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi

9. Do Dooni Chaar

10. Tere Bin Laden

11. Paathshaala

12. Bawarchi

13. Pati Patni Aur Woh

14. Khichdi – The Movie

15. Khamoshi – The Musical

16. Life Is Beautiful

17. The Pursuit of Happyness

18. The Bridges Of Madison County

19. Being Cyrus

20. A Walk To Remember

21. Inception

22. Bolt

23. The Notebook

24. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (old version)

25. The Boy In Striped Pajamas

26. Hurt Locker

27. The Last Lear

28. Guru

29. Laawaris

30. Umrao Jaan

31. This Is It

32. Maine Pyaar Kiya

33. Don (old)

34. Omkara

35. Maqbool

36. 1947 Earth

37. Water

38. Fire

39. Tum Milo Toh Sahi

40. Anand

41. Amar Prem

42. Junglee

43. The Japanese Wife

44. Shrek

45. Bobby

46. The Little Mermaid

47. Rafoo Chakkar

48. Beauty And The Beast

49. Jhoothi

50. Chupke Chupke

51. Guide

52. Dev D

53. Aisha

54. Bride And Prejudice

55. Pride And Prejudice

56. Oye Lucky Lucky Oye

57. Tango Charlie

58. Fashion

59. New York

60. Refugee

61. Border

62. Black

63. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

64. Tamanna

65. Delhi 6

66. Raman Thediyadhu Seethai

67. Arundhati

68. Naan Kadavul

69. Titanic

70. Good Will Hunting

71. Scent OfΒ  A Woman

72. Basic Instincts

73. Jurassic Park

74. He’s Just Not That Into You

75. Notting Hill

76. When Harry Met Sally

77. You’ve got mail

78. Just Married

77. Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.

78. Mr. India

79. Koshish

80. Damini

81. Finding Nemo

82. Harishchandrachi Factory

83. Andaz Apna Apna

84. Ghulam

85. Mughal-E-Azam (old)

86. Taxi No. 9211

87. Papa Kehte Hain

88. Pakeezah

89. Umrao Jaan

90. Love Story

91. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

92. The President Is Coming

93. Ghar

94. Daud

95. Paa

96. Arth

97. Dead Poets Society

98. Paheli

99. Gharonda

100. 84 Charing Cross Road

101. PS I Love You

102. To Sir With Love

103. Kite Runner

104. Memoirs OfΒ  A Geisha

105. Socha Na Tha

106. Basha

107. Ice Age

108. Happy Feet

109. Ratatouille

110. Forrest Gump

111. Smile Pinki

112. Company

113. Page 3

114. Kareeb

115. Stepmom

116. Swades

117. Road, The Movie

118. Dil Se

119. Love Sex Aur Dhokha

120. Toy Story

121. Bend It Like Beckham

122. Happy Feet

123. Devdas

124. Juno

125. Monsoon Wedding

126. Ink Heart

127. Marley And Me

128. Lagaan

129. Bandini

130. Chak De India

131. Udaan

132. 27 Dresses

133. Ek Chalis Ki Last Local

134. The Runaway Bride

135. Bride Wars

Suggestions are welcome. πŸ™‚


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30 responses to “Temporary Bucket List (Movies)

  1. Praveen

    I protest!
    Enthiren should be on slot 1! :p

    Panchathathiram is on Sun TV quite often. You haven’t seen Aashiqui???? Might be outdated to today’s times. Fashion not worth it πŸ™‚
    Badshah was on TV last sunday!!!
    Anand and Amar Prem???? really???! Koshish?! OMG

    Ok wont make u feel miserable anymore πŸ˜›

    • priyaiyer


      First up, this is not a priority-wise list. πŸ˜›
      Will try to catch up with Panchatantram. And yes, I do want to see Koshish, Amar Prem and Anand. They are classic old movies. As for Aashiqui, I know it might be outdated, but I LOVE the songs, and have a feeling that I might like the movie, too. Decided to check it out, anyways.
      Want to see Basha – the Rajnikant flick. I’ve seen SRK’s Badshah.
      I know this list is kinda weird, but it’s what I want to see at the moment. I was prepared for brickbats when I put it up, so no question of feeling miserable. πŸ˜›

      • Praveen

        Hey I was kidding! πŸ™‚

        yeh Aashiqui music is evergreen. I was talking about Rajini’s Badshah only, was on Sun TV last sunday.
        Look out for Temptations DVD store closer home. They have Old Hindi classics with combos for 40/- and 45/-

    • priyaiyer

      I know! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the suggestion. Will look out.

  2. Praveen

    I dont think you can sit thru Naan Kadavul. I pulled out the DVD in 5 mins 😐

  3. Oh do watch Inception and Pride and Prejudice asap! Both have almost nothing in common, except being excellent movies of their own genre =)

    When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, Notting Hill, Bride and Prejudice are adorable and great fun!

    Some more suggestions in case you haven’t already watched them: The Queen, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, A Passage to India, The Prestige (and almost everything Christopher Nolan has directed), Blood Diamond, The Aviator, Revolutionary Road, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sense and Sensibility.

    • priyaiyer


      Thanks a lot for the suggestions. Will check them out. πŸ™‚

    • Several lovely movies there..Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Prestige – have heard a lot of those, yet to watch though..to add to Nolan’s movies – Memento..nice suggestions by Kals πŸ™‚

      Fashion is good..atleast I liked it much better than the usual stuff..Enthiran and movies of its kind – well, lesser said the better πŸ™‚

      A few additions – Beautiful Mind, GodFather series (if you don’t mind some non-peaceful movies:)). Shall add a bit more as and when I think of them. Am poor at ‘listing’ out movies..100+ – wow so many wouldn’t even strike me, through I have watched many in the list :))


      • priyaiyer


        Had been making this list for quite some time.. That’s why the huge number.. And will be adding to it, too.. πŸ™‚
        Thanks for the suggestions. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you πŸ™‚ I’d also recommend Jodhaa Akbar and Swades, Priya.

    • priyaiyer


      Thanks again!! I have seen Jodhaa Akbar. Have added Swades to the list. πŸ™‚

  4. Glad to see “Naan Kadavul” featuring in the list.

  5. Praveen

    You might like this Hindi song by Kunal Ganjawala composed by Maestro Ilayaraja from Naan Kadavul

  6. SSN

    The Prestige, The Following (short movie by Nolan), Rang De Basanti

  7. I watched The Householder (1963) few months back. I thought it was an excellent movie. I think you will also enjoy it. Check it out whenever you get a chance.

    (FEW more recommendations πŸ˜€ ) Look Who’s Talking, Sherlock Holmes (2009), Stand & Deliver, 12 Angry Men, Eagle Eye, Yes Man, Yentl, Fiddler on the Roof, A.I. – Artificial Intelligence, Freedom Writers, and The Ultimate Gift

    The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas made me cry. I am warning you…

    • priyaiyer


      Hey, thanks a ton for the suggestions!! πŸ™‚
      Yes, have heard that The Boy In Striped Pajamas is a sad movie, but have also heard that it is a must-see movie. Will check it out. πŸ™‚

  8. That is one long list πŸ™‚ I’m afraid I can’t contribute here – I am really bad when it comes to movies πŸ™‚

  9. Anu

    I’m still awe-struck at your patience to type in all these 100+ movie names! Uhhh! I couldn’t do that girl! But I did go through all of them πŸ™‚
    My suggestion would be Inception and Endhiran at first!!! And the next may be….. Life is beautiful, when Harry met sally, Pursuit of Happiness.
    Hey you haven’t added Toy Story and Monsters Inc 😦 Good to catch up with these 2 along with other animation movies!!

  10. Swaram

    Whoa! What a list!
    Not much into movies, but In Pursuit of Happiness is one of my all time favs.
    Fiddle on the roof, Sound of Music and My Fair Lady are the others πŸ™‚

  11. thats a huge list of movies you’ve got and am a lil surprised that you haven’t watched some of em. As a previous reader mentioned it involves super patience to prepare such a list.
    I can add some to that list.. sweeney todd,In bruges,eagle eye,the grand torino ..
    If you like some older Eastman color action stuff add some Clint Eastwood movies to that list.

    • priyaiyer


      Hey, thanks for the suggestions! πŸ™‚
      I’ve seen some of these movies before. This is my at-the-moment wish list for movies. Some of them I want to see again, with new eyes.

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