We visited the village of Vidurashwatha on the way back from Lepakshi to Bangalore. Vidurashatwa, like Lepakshi, is a small village, famous for a Nagadeva (Snake God) temple, which is the major tourist attraction of this place.

The village derives its name from a big Aswatha tree, which is believed to have been planted by Vidura, a courtier in the kingdom of Dhritrashtra. This tree, however, is no more, and reached its end in the year 2001. (This piece of information is from Wiki.)

This is the main entrance of the Nagadeva temple, which looks beautiful in the midst of the big, shady trees in the compound. Wiki tells me that snakes used to visit the temple during festivals, and accept offerings from the devotees.

I learnt that people with Naga Dosha in their horoscope, or those who want a special boon to be granted – like a child or prosperity in business – install idols here. The installation of the idol is supposed to remove the Dosha and alleviate all ailments. A number of people have installed idols at the temple, and you can spot thousands of idols here. I had never seen anything like this before, and was sure astounded!

Most of these idols includes a sculpture of Nagadeva, a male snake and a female snake. I learnt that each idol is supposed to signify the marriage between a male and a female snake.

Devotees traditionally visit the temple after their problem has been alleviated, and perform pooja of the idol that they had installed.

It was a very different kind of experience for me – feeling a mix of awe and peace. Yes, the serene temple does that to you! I wouldn’t have had this experience and wouldn’t have known of this place at all, if not for my uncle. I’m glad I did!

Camera Courtesy: Sis



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20 responses to “Vidurashwatha

  1. The temple looks beautiful and one could feel the serenity from the photo itself.

  2. Wow! Another lovely post… beautiful pics πŸ™‚
    Its always nice to know of such rare n beautiful places/temples and their story!!

    • priyaiyer


      Thanks for sharing the link.
      There are a lot of snake temples all over India, and Vidurashwatha happens to be one of them. So is the one you mention. I fail to understand what is real or unreal about them.
      Each temple has devotees that have implicit faith in it, isn’t it?

  3. Praveen

    Agreed. What I meant by ‘real’ is that there are many amazing facts to this temple with respect to its belief which are not very typical of any other snake temple. Will share sometime soon.

  4. More amazing pictures! I am in awe of this temple and grounds.

  5. Anu

    Haven’t heard about such stories earlier …It’s nice to see the faith people have got! For now, there are a lot of people whose prayers are yet to be answered is it? Because I see so many plain naga stones without any chandan or kumkum…
    Thanks for sharing these info Priya!

    • priyaiyer


      The faith of the people is awe-inspiring, too, just as much as is the serenity of the temple.
      No idea about the plain stones. 😦
      Most welcome!

  6. givingreadingachance

    Great pics, Priya. Lovely place.

  7. Have visited the place long ago. Thanks for taking me thru again πŸ™‚ Lovely post and pics πŸ™‚

  8. Praveen

    Got my mail on Monday?

  9. Fascinating! I love reading/hearing of such temples/legends. I find the faith people have amazing.

    Thanks for sharing Priya, that was a wonderful read.

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