Incredible India

Post idea and title borrowed from here.

While I am high on making wish lists (I’ve already made ones for books I want to acquire and movies that I want to see), I think it would be a great idea to make one for places too. I was elated when I found the above post. As much as I’d love to tour the whole world, I do love India and I would LOVE to see all of it. I know that India is huge, diverse, and each state has its own specialities, and I would love to get a fel of that.

I haven’t seen much of India, but I have loved whatever I have seen. This tag seemed like a great idea to keep track of my Incredible India travels.

The rules are:

1. The list contains all the states of India and their capitals are in brackets.

2. Make bold the states you have visited, and mention your favourite memories of that state.

3. Include only states that you have really experienced, and have felt the culture of the place. As A Dark Comedy Called Lif says, ‘The touch-and-go while travelling in a train does not count, because that way I believe I’d have seen a little more, but it does not give me a feel of the place and so they need to be actually visited.’

So here goes:

1. Jammu & Kashmir (Srinagar): I would love, love, love to visit this place. It has been on my wish list, like, forever. Thankfully, the better half also has a childhood dream of going to J&K. Hopefully, we will make it at least once.

2. Punjab (Chandigarh): I don’t have much of an idea of this place, except that the word ‘Punjab’ conjures up an image in my mind of beautiful patiala salwars and tight-fitting kameezes, sarson ka saag, cold winter mornings, jawans, colourful bangles, Karwa Chauth and Jagraatas.

3. Haryana (Chandigarh): Sadly, I have no idea of this place at all. I am going to do meticulous research on all the places I do not know about. That’s for sure. 

4. Rajasthan (Jaipur): I have heard loads about this place. ‘Rajasthan’ paints in my mind a picture of forts, colourful dresses and ghagras, mirror work, bandhni, daal baati, deserts, palaces – all in all a land full of mystique and wonder. I have always wanted to see Rajasthan, specially Jaipur and Udaipur.

5. Himachal Pradesh (Shimla): The better half has had a chance to visit Himachal Pradesh, and he has told me loads of things about the place. When I think of Himachal, I picture a very beautiful land and extremely warm people. OI would love to visit sometime, for sure.

6. Uttaranchal (Dehradun): Again, another place I do not have a picture of in my head.

7. Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow): Lucknow conjures up an image of stiff chikankari kurtas, hot cups of tea, pilgrimage spots, slow trains and lots of temples. I don’t know how far this is true, though.

8. Bihar (Patna): OK, now I am starting to feel really bad. This is another place I know nothing about.

9. Jharkhand (Ranchi): I don’t know about this place at all, too, but have heard that it is very scenic. I have really go tto read up on a few states.

10. West Bengal (Kolkata): This is a state I hav ealways wanted to visit, specially Kolkata. The better half has been there on work, and based on his descriptions, and the Bengal-based movies and TV shows that I’ve seen, Kolkata brings up a very pretty picture in my head – Durga Pooja, bright sarees and a unique way of trying them, beautiful head gear, sweets (how can I forget the rasagullas and sandesh?), trams, the sweet Bengali language, big bindis and kohl-rimed eyes, Tagore and Shantiniketan. I’ve been pleading the better half to arrange for me to tag along the next time he goes to Kolkata on work.

11. Orissa  (Bhubaneswar): Orissa conjures up a picture of beautiful sand art, ancient temples, bronze statues, Puri and Rathyatras. Definitely a must-visit place sometime.

12. Sikkim (Gangtok)

13. Arunachal Pradesh (Itanagar)

14. Assam (Dispur)

15. Tripura (Agartala)

16. Nagaland (Kohima)

17. Mizoram (Aizawl)

18. Manipur (Imphal)

19. Meghalaya (Shillong)

I have fallen in love with the North-East tourism ads and have a very mystical picture of the area in mind. Would definitely love to visit sometime.

20. Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal)

21. Chattisgarh (Raipur)

I have no idea about Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. Note to self: That reading has to start soon.

22. Gujarat (Gandhinagar): Finally! A place that I can say I have seen, been in and experienced. Being the place where I was brought up, Gujarat will always hold a spec8ial place in my heart. Thinking of Gujarat reminds me of dandiya raas, pretty sarees, street food, extremely fun-loving people, Rathyatras, mosques and heritage buildings, ghaghra cholis, chai, Gandhi Ashram, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the cute way the Gujaratis speak Hindi – and lots more. Gujarat is always on my must-visit places list.

23. Maharashtra (Mumbai): I have been to Maharashtra a couple of times, twice recently, but all of the visits were typical ‘flying visits’ and I did not get a chance to get a feel of the place. I have heard a lot about this place from the better half, who keeps visiting Mumbai often on work, and from friends who love the state. Mumbai is another place where I’ve requested bugged the better half to take me along, whenever he goes there the next time.

24. Goa (Panjim): Ah, Goa! Endless beaches, sun and sand, silver, coconutes, cashews, jackfruits, colourful clothes, fun and frolic – that’s the picture I have of Goa in my mind. It has always been on my hit list.

25. Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad): I’ve been to Andhra Prad esh, specifically Hyderabad and Secunderabad, a couple of times, and I think I’ve had a feel of the place. The Hussain Sagar lake, the Salar Jung Museum, Char Minar, Birla Planetarium, spicy thokkus, pickles and chutneys, pearls and stones, pakoras, juicy mangoes, and guava trees – that’s the image of Andhra that I have in mind. I visited Andhra when I was a kid, and have almost forgotten what it looks like. Would definitely love to see it again, with new eyes.

26. Tamil Nadu (Chennai): I’ve been to Chennai quite a few times and do have a feel of the place, though I haven’t stayed very long. Would love to see the beaches and temples of Tamil Nadu in detail, though. Chennai was the place that taught me to eat on banana leaves and to love silk sarees and appreciate stone jewellery. Besant Nagar Beach, the Gourivakkam Sai Baba temple, the Nanganallur Anjineyar temple, Marina Beach, having piping hot filter coffee, shopping at Ranganathan street, pretty lamps, street shopping for used books, amazing rangolis, food at Saravana Bhavan and my uncle’s cooking, along with spending time with Nana and Nani are my fondest memeories of Chennai.

27. Karnataka (Bengaluru): Bangalore has been home for the last 2 years, and I’m starting to love it. I can say we have explored quite a bit of Karnataka, and I do have a fair idea of the culture of this place. My fondest memories of Karnataka? – Our visit to Belur and Halebidu, the big banyan tree, our marriage and housewarming, shopping for little knick-knacks for the home, Bisi Bele Bhath, Akki Roti, admiring the various gardens, Vidhana Soudha, savouring rasam and Dharwad peda.

28. Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram): The better half has a lot of fond memories associated with Kerala, but sadly, I haven’t had a chance to visit it yet. I have seen awesome pictures of Kerala and know why it is called God’s own country, and it has been on my wish list forever. Visiting Kerala and exploring it is a dream that I’ve held dear for long, and really want it to get fulfilled.

29. Delhi: Another place that I have forever wanted to visit, but somehow, never got around to doing it. I have read and heard a LOT about Delhi, and would LOVE to see it whenever the better half makes an official visit, at a convenient time.

That puts me at 4 out of 29. Pretty bad, huh?

I’m definitely going to put in serious efforts to work on it. 🙂

I had fun doing this tag, and it made me relive a lot of places. What are the places you have visited out of these? Which ones are on your wish list?



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19 responses to “Incredible India

  1. A cool post-cum-tag! 🙂
    I just counted, well, my score would be 16/29!!
    I ‘ll take this up tonight!! 😀

  2. Mine is 7/29, not counting states on train journeys..rather poor 😦


    • priyaiyer


      7/29 is better than 4/29!!! :O
      BTW which 7??

      • Well, 7 is better than 4, but both are poor !!

        The 7 are – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra (have been to Bombay quite a bit), Delhi, Uttar Pradesh (have been to Agra and so on, so it counts)..


    • priyaiyer


      Agra and Bombay!! That’s nice…
      Didn’t know you had travelled to these places.. 🙂

  3. Anu

    Oh wow! Cool Tag Priya! Loved reading through them! Mine would be 8/29, which is still a bad score! Would love to explore central and north-east India..

    • priyaiyer


      Thanks, Anu! Glad you liked the post! 🙂
      I would love to see North-East India, too.
      Your score is at least better than mine…

  4. Swaram

    Lovved this tag and am so gng to do this soon 🙂

  5. My count would be 5/29. I will give a detailed account of my travel so far in my blog sometime later. Thanks for motivating us to explore more places.

    • priyaiyer


      I’m glad I found this tag. A nice way of keeping track of the places you have visited in the incredible beauty called India.
      Would love to read your version. Do take it up. 🙂

  6. Nice tag 🙂
    My count would be 4 too 🙂 Have visited Goa and Delhi, and a few places in Karnataka and TN.

  7. I like this post. I think I might try it out on my blog as well. Sadly, I am equally miserable when it comes to travel within India 😦

    Still, that just means there are a lot more places for me to see.

    Btw, Andaman and Lakshadweep seem to be left out?

    • priyaiyer


      Thank you!!
      I still have a lot more places to see within India, too. 🙂
      Yes, didn’t notice until you pointed it out – Andaman and Lakshadweep have been left out. Would love to see these places.

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