Random tag!!

Found this tag while random blog hopping, and took it up to beat the monotony of the day. So here we go:

1. Complete this phrase: “if only i could….
… go off to sleep NOW!

2. did you get enough sleep last night?

3. What were you doing before you slept last night?
Ordering a movie DVD from my rental service provider

4. First thing you thought about this morning when you woke up?
Gosh! My body aches!

5. Do u ever wonder why the sky is blue?

No. I just admire it the way it is.

6.Did you ever try to skip meals?
I usually avoid doing that, but can’t help sometimes..

7. Lights on or off?


9. Are you afraid of the dark?
Sometimes, yes. Not always.

10. Favorite hangout/s?
Landmark and Reliance Time Out stores, coffee shops, parks – anything that suits the time and mood and circumstances at the moment

11. What are your plans for tonight?
Eat a hearty dinner, watch some TV and have a good night’s sleep.

12. People you can’t live without?
My parents and the better half

13. Favorite song when you’re sleepy?
Any soft and pretty song

14. What’s new??
Our office is being decorated for Diwali, and I’m loving it!

15. Are you a giver or a taker?
Both. It depends on a lot of factors.

16. If you could choose another name,what would it be?
I quite like my current name, and don’t wish to change it.

17. Is there any person in the world who knows everything about you?
My parents, the better half and my friends know mostly everything about me there is to know. However, I believe there are little bits and pieces about everyone that no one knows. Not even that person. I am no exception.

18. Last text message from?
My sister-in-law

19. What were you thinking right now?
The answer to the previous question!

20. What’s the one thing you hate most been done to you?
Being the subject of some dirty politics

21. Are you in love with life or do you hate it?
I’m truly and absolutely in love with life.

22. If you were dead and your soul was given another chance, what would you do first?
I would try to do all that I regretted not doing when I was dying.

23. If you could choose your eye color,what color would you like to have?

24. What are the things you always bring?
My mood

25. Do you believe in love?
Yes. Very much.

26. Any question you would love to ask someone?
Yes, there are lots.



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12 responses to “Random tag!!

  1. Praveen

    6. is not a very good idea, if you are doing it 🙂

    Here is a song you can listen to when goin to sleep

    • priyaiyer


      Thanks for the suggestion. Will check it out. 🙂
      I usually don’t skip my meals. Avoid doing that as much as possible. I know it has very bad effects on health. Very, very rarely do I skip an entire meal. I make sure I at least munch on something or eat late, if I am stuck with something.

  2. Priya, #21 says it all! 🙂
    Great random tag–I have a random post today, too. 🙂

  3. givingreadingachance

    Oh well, i take my mood with me too! I wanted my Dad’s Brown eyes, but cruelty I have BLACK ! oh well, I made my peace with God, on that – but doesn’t mean I should not sulk LOL!

    • priyaiyer


      He he. No one in our family has brown eyes. I like my (black) eyes, but given a choice, I’d go for brown eyes. 🙂

  4. Brown eyes? Not catty green ones?
    But brown eyes are usually so kind!
    Unlike catty green ones 😀 (which are my favourite kind!)

    • priyaiyer


      Yep, I kinda like brown eyes. Don’t much like catty green eyes. No offense meant to anyone with green eyes. 🙂

  5. Landmark is one of my fav hangouts too 🙂

    5. Do u ever wonder why the sky is blue?
    No. I just admire it the way it is.

    Luv this answer 🙂 🙂

  6. Yaayy PI.. Sooper tag.. Took it up..
    BTW: where is Q no 8 ?? 😀

    • priyaiyer


      Yayyy! Will check out your version. 🙂
      I have no idea where Q. 8 is!! I just copied and pasted the questions from somewhere, and didn’t notice at all!! 😦

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