The Book Of Tomorrow

My copy of Cecelia Ahern’s The Book Of Tomorrow is special to me, because it has travelled all the way from Ireland to India, courtesy my blogger friend Sathej. The author happens to be Irish, I liked her previous novel PS: I Love You, and the premise of this one sounded interesting – these were reasons enough for me to start reading the book immediately, for the Orbis Terrarum 2010 Challenge. I loved the look of the book, too!

The Book Of Tomorrow is the story of a teenager Tamara Goodwin, pampered and spoilt to the core by her rich father. Her life changes for the worse when her father suddenly commits suicide one day, and she and her mother are forced to live with her Uncle Arthur and Aunty Rosaleen. She is constantly worried about her mother, who becomes very quiet after her father’s death. She feels that there’s something wrong at Arthur and Rosaleen’s house, and is desperate to solve the mystery. What’s more, she accidentally comes across a travelling library and finds a diary which tells her, every day, what is going to happen to her the next day – The Book Of Tomorrow!

I have to say, sadly, that I found the book OK-ish. It is more than a few notches below PS: I Love You, and did not evoke quite the same feelings in me. The part about the magical diary was what attracted me to the book, but the diary actually plays a very small part in the story. The story drags in parts, and I found myself getting bored. However, I kept on reading as I HAD to know what happened to Tamara and what the mystery was. That way, the book kept me hooked till the end. I was disappointed with the ending, however. I really liked the plot of the book, and kept wishing it had been developed in a better fashion. In some parts, it was way too dramatic and Bollywoodish.The book did make me want to visit Ireland, though, and see the beautiful castles over there.

I would say it is an average, light read. Not really my cup of tea. Maybe my expectations were too high after PS: I Love You. Maybe you’ll like it better than I did!


I read this book for the Orbis Terrarum Challenge 2010. The stopover was at Ireland this time. This was my 7th book for the Challenge, and I still have one more to go!


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18 responses to “The Book Of Tomorrow

  1. Hmmm! I think anybody’s expectations wud be high after P.S I luv u.
    Interesting challenge that one 🙂

  2. I really havent read any Cecilia ahern books,so i guess i dont know if this is my cup of tea either. I have a copy of Thanks for the memories which i plan to read sometime.

    • priyaiyer


      Do check out Cecelia Ahern books whenever possible. Usually, they are light, feel-good reads. 🙂
      I want to read Thanks For The Memories, too. Do let me know how you liked it.

  3. I have also read PS I Love You and I liked it very much. But I was disappointed with “If you could see me now” which had no plot at all and was just dragging all the way from the beginning till the end.

  4. You know, I never enjoyed any of Ahern’s books after PS: I love you. I guess our expectations do get high after that one. But even otherwise, there was something lacking in her other books.. So I gave up on her 😦

  5. Priya, thanks for your honest review of this book. I have not read any of Ahern’s books.

  6. Thanks for the mention 🙂 Wish I picked up something better though, anyway hope you liked atleast parts of the book..


  7. Awww. I actually bought this book for Diwali. Now I sort of wish I hadn’t because almost the same thing happened to be with “Thanks for the memories”, another Cecelia Ahern book. Still since I bought it, and the cover is sooooo pretty I will give it a try. A lovely and honest review 🙂 I have put up a post on Paddington on my blog! 🙂

    • priyaiyer


      I have heard of this happening with a lot of people in case of Cecelia’s books. 😦 Rather disappointing, isn’t it, when the covers are SO pretty?
      I forced the better half to get me some books when he insisted on a Diwali gift for me. Paddington happens to be one of the books we’ve ordered. I’ve ordered three books in total and have received one of them. Looking forward to reading Paddington. 🙂
      **off to your blog to read the Paddington review**

  8. givingreadingachance

    Oh well, I did start this book, but was so put off by the main character after a few pages, that I stopped reading it.

    I will definitely give it a try. Sathej is so nice to have gifted you this. A book as a gift carries more weightage… and you can hardly wait to get to it.

    • priyaiyer


      ‘A book as a gift carries more weightage… and you can hardly wait to get to it.’ – I so agree with this. 🙂 I love the way my near and dear ones try to look for things I would love to read. Sometimes I get gifted books that I would never have bought myself. It gives you a whole new world. 🙂

      Thanks to Sathej once again! 🙂

      I agree the protagonist of the story was downright irritating. But her character develops with the story, and you start liking her. Well, almost.

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