The fashion tag

I first came across this tag at Monika’s blog, and then I found a lot of people around the blog world have done it. It is an interesting tag, isn’t it?

I would BY NO MEANS qualify as a fashionista. Far from it. I always pick up things that are comfortable, and which suit me. I’d rather not wear something which I don’t feel comfortable in or which looks hideous on me, even if it is HOT in fashion. That’s not to say that I don’t like dressing up – I do. I love it, in fact, provided I have the time to do so. I have been judged a lot of times for not being fashionable, but I have never really cared. I rather like my dressing sense – it’s simple, neat, and is comfortable.

I know I’d fare very badly on this tag, but am tempted just too much to check out how badly. So, here we go. 🙂

How many of these fashion items do you have? 99labels has compiled a list of must-have fashion items for men and women .

  • Bold those items that you have, italicize the ones you once possessed but don’t have anymore.
  • Tag your friends to see their fashion quotient.

For Women

  1. Little Black Dress
  2. Black Flats – I have formal ones, which I wear to work. Not sure if that counts, but I am considering this.
  3. Gold Hoop Earrings
  4. Mac Waterproof Mascara
  5. A Black Clutch
  6. Sling  Bag
  7. Gucci /Hermes-Berkin/Chanel/Prada Bag
  8. Light-Colored Cotton Saree
  9. Summer Scarf
  10. Bright Colored Umbrella
  11. A Red/Purple/Blue Handbag
  12. Over-Sized T-Shirt
  13. Pencil Skirt
  14. Black Crepe/Georgette Saree
  15. Louboutin Shoes/High Heels
  16. Le Smoking Jacket/Suit By YSL
  17. Trench-Coat
  18. Crisp White Cotton Button-Down Blouse/Shirt
  19. Solid Wash Jeans
  20. Leather Jacket
  21. Pair Of Black Pumps
  22. Knee-Length Boots – I LOVE knee-length boots, but I really go to no place where I can wear them. So, never bought them, though had the urge to do so, loads of times. 🙂
  23. Silver Earrings/Baali
  24. Leather Gloves
  25. Sexy Black/Red Stilettos
  26. Turquoise Stone Bangles – Imitation ones.
  27. Ipod
  28. Platform Shoes
  29. Sexy Swimsuit
  30. Toe Ring – Hee hee. I do wear toe rings after marriage, and I think they look stylish, but I am sure that’s not the kind of toe rings the tag creator had in mind. 🙂
  31. Tattoo
  32. Black Tank-Top
  33. Hot-Pants
  34. Kajal
  35. Banarsee/Kanjivaram Saree
  36. Beach Sarong
  37. Oversized  Sunglasses
  38. White Salwar Kameez
  39. An Evening Gown
  40. Classic Leather Belt
  41. Lingerie By Victoria’S Secret
  42. Summer-Hat
  43. Chanel/Hugo Boss/Dior/Ysl Perfume
  44. Silk Stockings
  45. Iphone
  46. Kundan Choker – I own an imitation one.
  47. Pearl Necklace
  48. Faux-Fur Outerwear
  49. Halterneck Dress/Halter Top
  50. Body Piercing – Taking the liberty to consider that an ear piercing counts. 😛
  51. Silver /Junk Anklet/Bracelet/Armlet – I have loads of junk bracelets and silver junk jewellery, and I absolutely adore them.
  52. Clinique Set
  53. Churidaar Kameez – But of course. Wearing salwar kameez is like breathing to me. 🙂
  54. Platinum Band/Ring
  55. Bracelet Watch

There! I stand at 20. 🙂 What’s your score?

There’s a list for men, too, in case you want to do the tag:

56.  White Cotton Shirt

57.  Classic Black Suit

58.  Aviator Sunglasses

59.  Dark Silk Tie

60.  Pair Of Dark Jeans

61.  Dark Brown Corduroy Coat

62.  Pin-Striped Trousers

63.  Palm Or Flip-Flop Slippers

64.  Casual Brown Shoes

65.  Metal-Strap Heavy Watch

66.  Leather Jacket

67.  Cotton Polo Shirt/Tee

68.  Formal Black Shoes & Belt

69.  Dark Overcoat

70.  Silver Cuff-Links

71.  Flat-Front Twill Pants

72.  Lacoste T-Shirt

73.  Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

74.  Armani  Products

75.  Designer Brief/Boxers

76.  Zippo Lighter

77.  Cargo Shorts

78.  Woolen Muffler

79.  Hooded Or Crewneck Sweatshirt

80.  Mont Blanc/Cross Pen

81.  Three Piece Suit

82.  Blackberry Phone

83.  Ruck-Sack

84.  Suede Jacket

85.  Italian Leather Shoes

86.  Ivy Or A Flat Cap

87.  Cool Messenger Bag

88.  Silk/Linen Scraf

89.  Sports Watch

90.  Formal Striped Shirt

91.  Pair Of Trainers/Sneakers

92.  Form-Fitting Swim Trunks/Briefs

93.  Converse Shoes

94.  Silver  Tie-Pin

95.  Sports Jacket

96.  Tracksuit

97.  Hiking Boots

98.  Smoking-Pipe/Cigarette Case

99.  Sport Jersey



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12 responses to “The fashion tag

  1. Fun meme, Priya! I am missing many items from this list, but what I feel I need is a small pair of gold hoop earrings.

    Your blog has changed since my last visit. It looks good!

  2. Swaram

    I like the new look of the blog 🙂
    Fun tag this one 🙂

  3. Veens

    I think I will stand at 5, lol! I don’t even have the basic stuff lol!

  4. I don’t own any sarees or expensive purses so I am not even going to attempt this one…

    I love your blog design. It looks very nice.

  5. This is such a fun tag, isn’t it?

  6. Interesting and fun tag…I realized I score pretty badly in a lot of almost basic stuff 🙂

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