Welcome 2011

First things first, wish you all a great new year 2011!

I might be late in doing a kind of wrap-up post for the yer that passed, but my blog will be incomplete if I don’t. I have to jot down my feelings about 2010, and the new year that has begun just today – 2011.

Today, I feel like a blank sheet of paper has been handed to me, which I can fill up with whatever I want. A whole new year, 365 brand new days, has been handed to me to leaves my mark on them, and to create memories for myself.

I am also left with the feeling that 2010 just whizzed by. I honestly didn’t realise where one month ended and the other began. 2010 was a productive year for both of us, but it did take a toll on life. And I want to rectify that in 2011.

A lot of new beginnings opened up in 2010 – small and big – and I know I have grown in a lot of ways. I saw a little more of Bangalore and explored more of the country. Apart from day trips within Bangalore, we visited Chennai, Pondicherry, Mumbai, Lonavala, Khandala, Chikkamagalooru, Belur, Halebidu, Masinagudi, Lepakshi, Mysore, Palani, Salem and Kerala  in 2010 – and each trip added a little bit to us.

I started looking at Bangalore as ‘home’, rather than as a ‘new city’. I overcame some personal worries and struggles. I realised and thought of things I’d never thought I’d think of.  I faced several new cross roads in life, and chose my paths.

I discovered new places in this city, and marked out my  favourites, which I think is a step in the direction of making any place your home.

The better half and me started on a movie-watching spree, and saw some loongggg-pending movies. I saw my first play in 2010, and enjoyed the experience. I got a slider-cum-camera phone in 2010 – my first slider phone I had been drooling over for quite some time, and I’m still in love with it.  Like 2009, I enjoyed the cake festival and the book festival – both integral parts of Bangalore life.

In April 2010, I completed one year of working in Bangalore. I travelled for the first time on work in the past year – well, not really on work, but a for a kind of team-meet-cum-brainstorming-session.And I went on an outstation team outing. I learnt more profession-wise.

I saw our families – mine and the better half’s – in a new light.    M y brother-in-law got married, as did a cousin of the better half. I found a friend in my co-sister, someone I can share my ‘female woes and joys’ with. The better half and me completed one year of married life in January 2010, and we grew as a couple. We really enjoyed celebrating Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi this year. We decorated our home a little more – and furnished it a bit more – and the  ‘new house’ we shifted into in 2009 started looking more like ‘home’.

Last but not the least, on the reading front, I did discover some fantastic authors and read a lot of books, but the quality of reading wasn’t what I’d have liked it to be. I do want to change that in 2011. Aside, I was extremely excited to win my first book giveaway in 2010. And I did a giveaway on my blog too. I started doing author interviews and guest posts on my blog – and I’m happy about that. These might not be very big things, but I’m happy about the baby steps I’ve taken.

How was 2010 for you?

I have made certain resolutions for the coming year, and hope to fulfill them the best way I can. I hope 2011 sees us all growing, learning and being peaceful and happy. God bless!

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16 responses to “Welcome 2011

  1. Priya, you’ve had a great year of books and blogging. I always enjoy visiting your blog for your writing and photos. My internet has been out for a brief time but has now been restored, in time to wish you a Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. Happy new year,Priya.You’ve had one fabulous year.. Hope 2011 is filled with more joys and discoveries.. Mine was not too great actually.

  3. Happy New Year Priya!
    Hope 2011 is full of amazing discoveries and serious fun for you!
    On a personal front, would love to get a list of authors you recommend for 2011 so that I can get back to reading a little!

    • priyaiyer


      Thank you so much! Hope 2011 is wonderful for you, too! 🙂
      As for reading, I plan to read Lisa See, more of Elizabeth Noble, Jane Austen and other classics in the coming year. Plus I hope to finish at least part of my huge bought-but-still-not-read pile of books. 🙂

  4. Hi Priya, Happy New year 🙂 WIsh all happiness embrace you in 2011.

  5. It’s so nice to find a co-sister like that 🙂
    Wishing all of u @ home a healthy and prosperous 2011 Priya and anniversary wishes in advance too 😀

  6. Hey! you’ve had a fun filled year.. at least going by the vacations and drives and the books read 🙂
    Happy new year!!

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