Parallel Worlds

Red and green socks and dangly, silver earrings with stars for Christmas. Green socks with yellow frogs on them on holidays. Dressing up to the hilt. Fun dressing, she called it. An intense love for reading. Ready smiles and tears. For everything and everyone. A song ready on her lips for every occasion. Feet ready to dance at the slightest hint of music. Had to have corn on the cob on a rainy day and chocolate mousse on a cold one. Adored food. No hesitation in going on that merry-go-round or this elephant ride. A craving to see the entire world. Full of passion and zest for life. A belief in getting the most out of every moment. Counted moments rather than minutes. Rashmi. The always smiling, peppy, lively Rashmi. The apple of her friends’ eyes. The star of her office. The person whom people wanted to tell all their secrets to. The secret and not-so-secret love of several. Several believed Rashmi would, some day, open some fortunate guy’s doors to life and love.


Why did she have to go all out when she went out? Couldn’t she dress more… subtly? Such a dreamer. Wonder how she managed to get any work done at all. Absolutely no value for money. Did she really need to go on that joyride? Would the sky fall down if she didn’t visit one tourist spot in the city? Reading and music are her passions, they say. Come on, be practical. Reading and music didn’t feed anyone. Her job… in an NGO… It’s what her heart tells her to do, apparently. Why can’t she do something more routine, like teaching? Why can’t she just be home-friendly? Dusting the carpets, cleaning the pooja room, putting the clothes in the washing machine… that kind of thing. Talkative to the core. Always chirping. Zillions of thoughts always crowding her mind. Can’t she be a bit more silent? Like the other women around her? Rashmi. An absolute no-no. Pity her unfortunate husband. He’s so good and quiet and decent. Poor guy.


Two parallel worlds. One common factor – Rashmi.



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14 responses to “Parallel Worlds

  1. very very nicely written

  2. Love this, Priya: the lively thoughts of a young woman, brimming with life.

  3. Swaram

    Agree with T, Priya. Very very well written 🙂

  4. Kalyan

    nicely written

  5. Ruchi

    Two perspective well captured…that’s y they say ‘The world is how you see it’. Nice 1 :)…BTW I hope you recognize who I am 🙂

  6. Anu

    Well written Priya! The differentiation you bring on both Rashmi- the outcome is fabulous!

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