This and that

  • It’s been a long, long, long time since I did a quickie post in bullets, or randomly rambled on on my blog, and figured it would be fun to do it again. Hence the post.
  • The Internet at home has a mind of its own. It refuses to work for more than 5 minutes, ever since we returned from our Goa trip. I haven’t been able to post the pictures of the trip and a few others. Will do so as soon as the Net decides to stay put at our place.
  • The trees all around Bangalore, which had lovely blooms just last month, are now wearing a bleak and deserted look. Bare of flowers and leaves, most trees look sad. It’s kind of depressing, really. I try to remember that there will very soon be new leaves on these trees, and summer flowers would be blooming.
  • We visited the Bangalore Palace last week, and it turned out to be an awesome experience. The guided tour around the palace is very well planned out, albeit the tickets being priced a bit on the expensive side. Do visit the palace and take the tour, if you haven’t already.
  • We also visited the National Handloom Expo 2011 at the Palace Grounds. Both the better half and me loved it, and we shopped for some clothes for ourselves and the folks at home.
  • A husband who loves a black saree at an exhibition so much that he ‘does not want to leave it behind’ and who loves the process of shopping is definitely for keeps!
  • I discovered, once again, that I love shopping. Window shopping as well.
  • We missed the Bangalore Habba, which got over on January 29th. Didn’t even know that it was on. I would have loved to visit it. Sad. Anyone knows if it’s held just once a year?
  • The orchid plant at our place has been blooming, and it looks awesome.
  • We bought a couple of more plants and worked on our garden a little bit more. Though it’s not yet much to speak about, I love our little garden at home. It gives me immense peace of mind just looking at the plants and feeling them.
  • The husband is definitely a Mr. Green Thumbs. I’m not boasting, but I’ve found that he has this unique ability to tend to plants and nurse them. He’s brought even some half dead plants back to life. Amazing. Me? I would probably kill them even if I just water them every day. I just take solace in the garden, that’s all, apart from helping out the better half every now and then.
  • Oh, and our tomato plants are coming along wonderfully. It’s fun harvesting the ripe cherry tomatoes from one plant, and checking on the ripening large tomatoes on the other plant. We’re having fun cooking with home-grown tomatoes till the monkeys (which are rampant in our area and famous for destroying plants) discover them.
  • And did I tell you that the rose plants are also in bloom?
  • I have been experimenting a bit in the kitchen lately, and the results have been good. So far. I realised, yet again, that cooking is therapy for me, right next to writing, talking to a dear one and music. It soothes me from within. Especially when the dish I’m making turns out well and the family eats well. Gosh, don’t I sound matronly?
  • Of late, I’ve been missing my friends a great deal. I’ve lost touch with some of them, and we’re trying to get back. Just the process of trying to renew the bonds is fun. Satisfying.
  • I’ve been trying to carve some time out just for myself every day. Kind of struggling, and it does not happen every single day, but I do enjoy the me-time whenever I manage to get it.
  • I found some wonderful sites that I enjoy reading every day – The Tree Year, Well Hello There Lover, and A River Of Stones. I’m thinking of getting involved in The Tree Year and A River Of Stones. Just learning about the concepts have made me more observant and compassionate about my surroundings. Do check out these links!

Till the next post, ciao! Have a nice time! 🙂



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13 responses to “This and that

  1. nice bullet post. glad to hear abt the blooming plants in ur vicinity.tomatoes came along beautifully in our house too, but got destroyed by monkeys.

    • priyaiyer


      Thank you!!
      Oh that’s sad – about the plants getting destroyed.
      Errr I was referring to our garden at home in the post – that’s where the plants are being tended with great love by the hubby. Not the ones in our vicinity.

  2. PA

    A husband who loves shopping is definitely worth keeping! I soooo agree on that!

  3. Thanks for your link to the Tree Year project!
    You can join anytime 🙂

    • priyaiyer


      Hey, there! Thanks for dropping by!
      I’ll be joining in The Tree Year soon. It’s such a lovely and thoughtful concept. Really. Thanks for hosting such the event. 🙂

  4. Priya, those home-grown tomatoes sound wonderful. One summer, we grew tons of sweet cherry tomatoes, which starred in our salads all season. Cooking can be an art for women as well as men. Fun post! 🙂

  5. Swaram

    I sooo miss Habba and the handloom expo!

    What a lovely feeling to eat home-grown veggies 🙂

    • priyaiyer


      I loved the habba last year, but missed going to it this year. 😦
      Yes, it’s a lovely feeling to eat food made from what’s grown in your own backyard. 🙂

  6. Anu

    I too like to write bits and pieces of updates like this, especially when there is a long silence in our blog!
    Wow! You grow your own cherry tomatoes? orchids and rose plants too! I’ve been in Bangalore for 2 years, but never heard of that palace! it does look great! Will visit it when I go to BLR next time!

    • priyaiyer


      Good to have you back on my blog! 🙂
      Yep. We recently started growing our own veggies. Flowers we always used to. 🙂
      Oh you should visit the Bangalore Palace sometime.. It is for sure worth a visit.. Will post pics of the palace sometime..

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