Bangalore Palace

Remember I told you guys about our visit to the Bangalore Palace some time back? Well, finally I got around to posting the pictures!! 🙂

I fell in love with the palace the first time I saw it. I knew I wanted to come back later, and explore all of it. I was overjoyed to find out that you can avail of an audio tour around the palace. We did the audio tour, and loved it, though the tickets are a bit on the expensive side! 🙂

It’s kind of difficult to get used to a very English-looking castle in the middle of a bustling city, but once you get over it, it’s a wonderful place to explore and understand. The audio tour gave us some interesting details about the palace and its history, and I went back in time to the days when the royal family used to live here.

We once visited the palace in the evening, and the whole place was lit up. The palace had been let out for a wedding, and it was looking AMAZING! What a fairytale wedding venue!

Have you visited this palace? How did you like it?

Do check this place out, if you haven’t already!! Must, must, must-do. 🙂


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11 responses to “Bangalore Palace

  1. Swaram

    My visit to this palace was like a 2-in-1 offer. One of our friends was part of ZeeTV and we got a chance to attend TVS Sa Re Ga Ma recording here for almost 3 days 🙂 It used to start by 8 in the night and end by 2-3 a.m! Amazing time we had 🙂

  2. Priya, this looks as if it belongs on a movie set! Thanks for sharing photos of magnificent Bangalore Palace on your site. 🙂

  3. beautiful pics. I have never visited this palace during my 4 years in Blore.Should plan a visit soon

  4. Anu

    Inviting pcitures! I really wanted to visit this castle!
    And a wedding in a castle!! Aww…must be such a wonderful moment right?
    Were you not allowed to take pictures inside the castle?

    • priyaiyer


      Thank you!! A wedding in this palace must be SOMETHING, I know! 🙂
      Photography inside the palace is allowed, but the charges – I felt – were pretty high. The tickets are Rs. 175 per head, and an extra Rs. 500 for photography inside the palace. I decided to just take the audio tour and not take any photographs. Sad, I know, but just felt it was too much. 🙂

  5. vardhani vardhani

    any one knows wat dey charge for weddings?

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