My lust list :)

A girl has got to yearn for shopping and drool at a few things every now and then. So have I, for the past few days. The girl in me demanded I make my own lust list when I saw this post over at Shilpa’s blog.

So here goes my as-of-now lust list:

I want, want, want a good, branded perfume. Something not very strong, yet not too subtle. Something that’ll smell fresh and lovely the whole day. Something that’ll keep me smiling the whole day.

I need a good wristwatch. Something that looks trendy and is functional too.

I desperately need a day of rejuvenation and relaxation at a spa. I want to be massaged and just pampered. A good Kerala oil massage would do.

I want a lovely Anarkali suit. A good colour, a good fit. I have a feeling a it will suit me.

I ADORED the first book out of the Paddington series, and I am desperate to read the others. I want all the books in this cutesy series.

I want a large purse – large enough to carry all my possessions. Nothing fancy – just a soft black leather one.

I have been a lot stressed out lately, and would love a weekend getaway. Preferably in a cottage near the water or somewhere full of greenery. I just want to look at the greenery and/or water, read, eat and sleep and do nothing else.

I am in love with Orissi sarees. I have my heart set on them. I would love to own an Orissi cotton saree with a red, white and black design.

Speaking of sarees, I love Sabyasachi’s sarees, like Shilpa. I would LOVE to own a saree designed by him. 🙂I have never been out of love with chocolates, and am lusting after them any day. At the moment, I would love to get my hands on a box of Ferrero Rocher.

I am dying for a day out with the better half, just exploring the city, watching a movie, filled with idle banter and a lovely dinner.

So, that’s my lust list as of now. Hope I get all of these soon. 😉

What’s your lust list?


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9 responses to “My lust list :)

  1. Oh that purse! And that saree…..drool! And going to that weekend cottage won’t hurt either 😉

  2. Priya, what a fun post! You have some wonderful ideas. It’s relaxing just to see your photos here.

  3. Anu

    That’s a good/practical list..shouldn’t be too difficult to get them!!
    I have written such list on one of my ten on tuesdays..I too badly need a spa treatment!!

  4. I love this tag, and I love the Ferrerro chocolates on your list. This will def make my lust list too :). Think, I’ll also participate in this tag.

    • priyaiyer


      It’s a fun tag, na?
      Do take this up! It will be lovely to read your version. 🙂
      As for the chocolates, they have to be, at least for me. 😀

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