Mind Blogs 1.0

Some time back, Christina Daniels asked me if I’d like to review a book she has co-authored with Zahid Javali and Nirmala Govindarajan. I was more than happy to accept, since I liked Christina’s first book Ginger Soda Lemon Pop quite a bit. This book is called Mind Blogs 1.0, and it did not disappoint me either. 🙂

Mind Blogs 1.0 is all about the personal experiences of the three authors – things they have felt good and bad about, mostly about Bangalore. That said, anyone, anywhere can relate to the feelings communicated in the book. The language is simple and the stories are touching, making for a wonderful, light read.

Reminiscent of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series, Mind Blogs 1.0 also covers a variety of personal incidents – the time when Zahid became a bakra, the time when Christina felt helpless over the riots in her beloved Bangalore, and the time when Nirmala felt frustrated at the utter dependancy of smokers on their ciggies. That makes the book heartily entertaining, and at no place does the reader get bored. Most incidents touched a chord with me.

Zahid’s stories provide the touch of humour in Mind Blogs 1.0, while Nirmala’s are dreamy and thoughtful. I could relate to Christina’s stories the most – they were about women, herself, her feelings, her love for her city, and soul-searching.

The book is written in a unique format – it is just like a blog, only in the shape of a physical book. It even has newspaper ads before a few articles to create the feeling of a blog. The articles, too, are written like blog posts – short and crisp.

I would recommend this book to all those who are looking for a light but thoroughly enjoyable and soulful read.

Thanks, Christina, for this! 🙂


About the authors:

Christina Daniels is the author of Ginger Soda Lemon Pop. Zahid Javali and Nirmala Govindarajan are senior journalists with leading publications in the country.



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