The Japan quake and tsunami has shaken us up. It is saddening to see photographs and videos of entire cities getting wiped out, of generations of people being displaced from the world. All the technology in the world seems so powerless in front of the fury of nature. Flames and huge sprays of water, nuclear radiation and what not – it feels as if Mother Nature is furious about all the times we have abused her.

Japan, as a country, has always been close to the hearts of the better half and me. The better half had a relative who was working in Japan years ago, and he has grown up on stories about Japan and the Japanese. The better half has always nursed dreams of visiting the country sometime in life, and his dreams have made me dream about seeing Japan too. It is tragic to see the country going through such destruction and grief.

Our prayers and wishes go out to Japan. I hope they find it in them to rise up again from the ashes and build a new country.

The Japan incident has put a question in my head – is the 2012 prediction really going to happen? Is the end nearing? All the doomsday predictions do seem true when you see such mass destruction and man being rendered so utterly powerless.


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2 responses to “Saddened

  1. We are just nothing in front of mother nature. Prayers from my side as well for the country to rise up again as it has always done.

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