The one with wishful thinking

The Japan quake and the subsequent terror and devastation made me realise that we might be nearing THE END. We might. We might not. You never know. But we might, you know.

About a week after the quake, I was looking through the photographs of my Delhi-Agra trip. This might sound selfish, but I was so glad I could see these places while I could. Both Delhi and Agra had been dream destinations since God knows when, and I was so happy I finally made it to these places. Our trip to Kerala last year too falls in the same category. It had been on my dream-places-to-visit list for, like, always.

My parents have never been great travellers, and neither was I before marriage. Basically, I was always interested in travelling, proper hard-core travelling stuff, but lacked the company to do it with. I didn’t just want to take off to places alone. I found a willing and interested travel partner in the better half, and together, we explored several places in the 2 years we’ve been married. He has toured to many places in India on work, sometimes out of country, and travelling with him is so simple and nice – just because he has travelled so much he knows what to expect and what to be pack and what to do and all that. And also because he lets me feel the places we visit like I need to, like I want to – he doesn’t rush me up like most tourists we’ve seen do. We’ve travelled to some places new to him too – Goa for instance, or Ahmedabad – and we’ve loved those experiences too.

India itself is huge, with its rich history and natural beauty. We have heard stories about every possible place, and have longed to visit them. Then, we’ve always wanted to see the world outside India – the United States, Paris, London, and, of course, Japan too. We’ve wanted to do the touristy stuff in all these places whenver we have read about them. And then there are countries not all that popular for tourists. For instance, I was seeing some forwards about the scenic beauty of Iceland and Austria, and wondered if we would ever be visiting these places. Parts of me want to settle down in the places we visit – at least for a year or so – and feel the place. Soak in the culture of that place. Eat the food of that place. Be one with the people of that place. And that has happened at many places.

Travelling the whole of India itself – really, properly travelling – is a daunting experience. I don’t see any way I can do it before I’m sixty years of age. We can just quit our jobs and take off in a caravan or whatever, but there are the bills to be paid, and I do want a home. 😀 So, for now, it has to be a balance of work and pleasure.

Well, the point of this story is that we’ve just about started to explore the world, and there is so, so, so much to see, do and feel. It, kind of, saddens us. I don’t want the world to end. I’m not ready to go, yet. I want to see the whole world, properly, before I go out of it. Apart from the travelling, there is so much in life that I want to do.

Here comes the wishful thinking part. I wish companies could find out some way of balancing their employees’ personal and professional aspirations. Especially now. I wish I could be able to take off at a moment’s notice and explore places to my heart’s content, and still hold down a job. I wish I were able to avoid a meeting or a call just because I wanted to do some finger painting or prepare a greeting card. Or simply spend some time with the better half. I wish every employer could see ‘soul satisfaction’ as an important part of employee satisfaction.

The better half feels it would be great if companies could give their employees a year off every 5 years or so – with pay – to pursue their heart. To renew themselves. To find themselves. He says he would go on a world trip now if he could get a year’s salary credited in his account and a year off work. His dreams are grander than mine. 🙂 I just want to, possibly, explore more and do all that I want to before I realise that I can’t do everything, any more.



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6 responses to “The one with wishful thinking

  1. Hmm..a post to think about, shall comment later in some detail 🙂


  2. one year off with salary – OMG , If u ever happen to find such a company in this world, pls do let me know.

  3. Anu

    I truly wish a years’ pay and holiday 😀
    I have a friend who works in australia. She had her husband has saved up enough, and have quit their job, and has been on 1 year world tour. It did fascinate both me and S! much to explore in India and in rest of the world!! And it’s really important we get a like minded partner, if we are so interested in travelling! That’s the only thing that I and S have in common 😀

    • priyaiyer


      Wow! That would have needed some planning on your friend’s part. Truly an awesome thing to do! 🙂

      Yes, it’s very important that we find a like-minded partner, and I’m so glad I found one…

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