I am a beehive of activity

Cleaning, mopping, washing, dusting

Hiding stains

Wiping off peeling plaster

Mona Lisa

Smiles down at me

From a cheap imitation

I bought off a pavement artist

I smile back at her

Putting my feet up on the sofa

A pleasant ache in my limbs

And tell her “I’m home!”


For this week’s Magpie. I know it’s not strictly about the pic, but this is what came to mind when I thought about it. 🙂



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20 responses to “Home

  1. Helen

    Well she is quite the inspiration, isn’t she?

    • priyaiyer


      Thanks, Helen, and welcome here. 🙂
      Yes, she is indeed an inspiration.. What I had in mind, though, while writing this was not the inspiration – rather the feeling of being ‘home’, how good it feels in spite of cheap imitation paintings and peeling plaster and stains.

  2. Wonderful magpie! I am still considering if I will compose for this one.

  3. Swaram

    Love this! That feeling of being at home – nothing can beat that 🙂

  4. Evocative, enjoyable…

  5. love the metaphor..
    well done.

  6. I like this. She possibly had to do all that when she was alive too.
    Nice Mag.

  7. Beautiful magpie, love it 🙂

    Short Poems

  8. Anu

    nothing is comparable to the happiness of being at home…
    I loved your perspective on the prompt Priya…

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