Nature Watch: Purplicious

Here comes the third instalment of Nature Watch: some pics of flowers that I spotted near Sankey Tank. I fell in love with these purple beauties in an instant. 🙂

I believe these are the same flowers as in yesterday’s post, only a different colour. Sigh! Nature never ceases to amaze me with her inexhaustible variety…

Aren’t these purple beauties pretty? What say you?


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8 responses to “Nature Watch: Purplicious

  1. They are indeed pretty. Nature has loads of varieties to amaze us. Its time we understand nature and learn to live with it rather than degrade it.

  2. Pretty in purple too 🙂 Lovely pics!!

  3. Oh yes! Definitely beautiful 🙂

  4. Anu

    Purplicious 🙂
    Nice name…
    Lovely pretty purple flowers…

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