Remember I told you guys about this flower that I saw in Ooty and fell in love with? That was about two years back. I loved the flowers so much that I got some seeds from Ooty and we planted them at our home. In no time, the leaves appeared, but I was disappointed when there were no flowers for over a year. The hubby and me painstakingly continued to water and love the plant and hoped that one day, it would flower…. and it did. After about two years, it did, and how!

Beautiful pale pink blossoms started appearing one day, all of a sudden. They were very few initially, but then we began to see two separate, large balls – each made of tiny, pretty flowers. The flowers were definitely worth the wait. My day doesn’t begin until I go out to the balcony and have a look at these flowers and lovingly hold them.

Take a look at these beauties from our garden. I love the colour – it is no wonder that art takes its inspiration from nature. 🙂

ETA: These flowers are called Hydrangea. Just learned. 🙂



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4 responses to “Flowers

  1. These flowers are lovely, Priya, and the petals look so soft.

  2. beautiful flowers indeed. You must be blessed to have these blossom in your garden

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