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The kaleidoscope of life

Has more colours

More patterns

When I look through it

With you


And I go mushy once again for this week’s Magpie 🙂 The image is courtesy of Tess Kincaid.



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I love the way a person gets transformed when he/she is talking to the ‘someone special’ of their life. There is a smile in their eyes, and the entire face is lit up. Eyebrow and hand movements get animated.  A flush creeps up their neck. Sometimes there’s a cheeky grin on their face, sometimes there’s that shy smile which says so much. The voice changes too – it becomes softer. Happiness is writ large all over their body. Even serious people turn all mushy and goofy under the situation. One might pretend to talk to one’s Akka or Daddy Darling on the phone, but more often than not, it’s quite evident whom one is talking to. 🙂

It’s quite lovely a scene to watch, actually. I witnessed the magic happening on a young lady yesterday, after a long, long time, and was charmed by it, all over again…


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I hope…


I hope we grow

To be

The kind of people

Who love


Over their glass of wine

Long after their dinner


 Of nothing in particular


For this week’s Magpie. This week’s prompt too, like the previous week’s, appealed to the Ms. Mush in me, who loves all things romantic. 🙂


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Rain love

Dearest better half,

Let there always be

Long drives on winding roads

Destination none in particular

Us, tuned in to our song

Singing along, off-key, in high pitch

While the raindrops pitter and patter

On the windows

Keeping us company

Us, waiting to stop, somewhere, anywhere,

And do a jig for the rain

Let us always have

Between us

The magic and love of all things rain

Your eternally romantic



For this week’s Magpie. I simply loved this week’s prompt. 🙂


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Make me a cocoon

Make me a cocoon

In your arms



Blissfully ignorant

I just want to be

Fold my wings


Let me sleep


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Touched :)

I happened to be at a hospital today morning, and I was glad I was there.

I met an aged couple there – the man, who looked over 65, was about to be admitted for a CT scan. He could not walk, and was on a stretcher. There were tubes attached to his hand, and he looked scared. His wife, about 60 years of age, was the one who brought him to the hospital. It was she who came up to the reception and confidently made all the necessary enquiries. I was waiting, in queue, and she looked at me and smiled. I don’t know how to describe it, but her spirit came across in that moment – strongly.

I later met the couple as the man was about to get inside the scan room. He was nervous, and the wife was calming him down. ‘Don’t worry. You will be out soon. And you will be discharged by noon,’ she said, adding, ‘Don’t forget to think of God. Have faith on Him.’  She was all smiles and reassuring pats, and the man seemed visibly calmer. Just before going into the scan room, she sang a song for him – in a low voice, so as not to disturb the other patients – without caring for the strange glances that the people around them gave her. I was mesmerised. The man smiled, and he was wheeled inside the room. I am sure he felt so much better in that one moment.

I didn’t get a chance to speak to them, but the old couple reaffirmed my faith in love. It touched my heart to see that two people can be there for each other, and feel stronger due to the bond. I saw how one person can make a difference in the life of another – for years and years and years – with their love. Such people are the true Valentines, aren’t they?


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The one in which history repeats…

Two men are walking down a street. How do you differentiate between the married man and the single one?

Simple. The married man will have a bag of vegetables in one hand, and groceries in the other.

Flashback to college days. This joke used to do the rounds in our gang of friends at college, and we all used to laugh every time we used to hear it. I always felt sorry for the married man in the joke, though – I refused to believe that his condition would be so pathetic – and I vowed never to let my husband be in that position, the butt of jokes.

Back to the present. The hubby returns from a business tour of Gujarat. With a bag of ivy gourd in one hand and a bag of sago in the other. Because his darling wife always complains that she doesn’t like the ivy gourds and the sago available in Bangalore. He hands them over to a very amused and happy me. And the joke is doing the rounds once again, this time in the family – louder than ever before. I’m not complaining.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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