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Wordless Wednesday 34

These pics were taken at Kemp Fort, Bangalore.

There is a belief among Indians that tying a red/yellow/orange thread and/or bangles around certain trees in temple courtyards leads to the fulfillment of one’s innermost desires.



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Thursday Challenge 12

This is my entry for the week’s Thursday Challenge. This week’s theme is COMPLEX (including Complicated, Tangled, Intricate, Mess, etc.)

I took this pic at the Agra Fort. I loved the way the sunlight was streaming in through the lattice work…


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Baby Taj

Did you know that there’s a monument that is popularly known as Baby Taj, which could have been the ‘draft’ of the world-famous Taj Mahal? Well, I didn’t, till I visited Agra and was told about it by the locals. The actual name of Baby Taj is Itmad-ud-Daula’s Tomb, and it is very similar to the Taj Mahal in a lot of respects. According to Wikipedia, the Baby Taj is a mausoleum commissioned by Noor Jehan, the wife of Mughal king Jehangir, for her father. A number of Noor Jehan’s relatives have been laid to rest in this mausoleum.

Here are some pics of the Baby Taj, for your viewing pleasure…

That’s the entrance to the monument, and the GREEN lawns sprawled around it.

We entered the beautifully decorated archway….

…. to find this!

This is another view of the mausoleum from outside…

I loved the sheer prettiness and craftsmanship on the walls and tiles inside the monument. That’s one of the tombs you can see in the above pic.

The place is full of intricate lattices – representing the amazing skills that the craftsmen of those times possessed.

Apparently, there were a number of precious and semi-precious stones studded into the walls and ceiling of the building. Several have been lost, but some still do exist.

That’s the beautiful design on the walls we saw in one part of the building, inlaid with pure white marble. In spite of the heat outside, the inside of the monument was cool and pleasant, thanks to all the marble.

I loved this design on the tiles inside the monument. Very Jodha Akbar-ish.

It’s a lovely structure, and I enjoyed knowing about the history of the place.


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Wordless Wednesday 32

This pic was shot at Raja Seat, Coorg, by the better half.

There’s something that I love about this pic – I can’t put my finger on it exactly. Maybe it’s the way the branches seem to take over the sky. Maybe it is the contrast of bright green against bright blue. Maybe it’s the angle of the pic. I just know that I love this pic. 🙂


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Nature Watch: Purplicious

Here comes the third instalment of Nature Watch: some pics of flowers that I spotted near Sankey Tank. I fell in love with these purple beauties in an instant. 🙂

I believe these are the same flowers as in yesterday’s post, only a different colour. Sigh! Nature never ceases to amaze me with her inexhaustible variety…

Aren’t these purple beauties pretty? What say you?


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Nature Watch: Pink Passion

Bangalore is painted pink and yellow and purple all over these days, and it’s beautiful! The city is growing more and more beautiful by the day, as summer is approaching, and I’m loving it. Every time I go out, I am surprised by the variety of flowers blooming here and there. And have you noticed the sweet smell in the air these days? A kind of cinnamon-sweet smell, if I may describe it that way? I don’t know to what plant/flower/tree this heady scent belongs to, but it fills my senses every time I’m out of home.

I can’t get enough of the natural beauty on my way to work and back home. Taking inspiration from Ruskin Bond, I am about to post pics of some beautiful flowers that I took yesterday. I look forward to taking a lot more photographs over the coming days, and a lot more ‘nature posts’ here. Are you guys game for it?

Here goes the second instalment of Nature Watch – some shots of pretty pink flowers that I took near Sankey Tank. I have spotted these flowers at many other places in Bangalore too. I don’t know what they are called, but they never fail to uplift my heart whenever I look at them. There’s a carpet of pink and lavender and yellow all over the city, as if asking one to lift up one’s gaze and at least spare one glance for the pretty blossoms, if not spend time with them. 🙂

I love the shape of these flowers, and the light shade of pink. Aren’t they awesome?

Any ideas/suggestions about identifying these flowers are most welcome. 🙂


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Thursday Challenge 10

For this week’s Thursday Challenge. The theme this week is SOFT (including Pillows, Toys, Snow, Baby, Focus, etc.)

There are few things softer than the touch of a flower, hai na? I thought this would be an apt picture for the Challenge. I fell in love with these flowers on our trip to Ooty, and even bought some seeds, which are finally blooming now after almost 2 years!! 🙂


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