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The kaleidoscope of life

Has more colours

More patterns

When I look through it

With you


And I go mushy once again for this week’s Magpie 🙂 The image is courtesy of Tess Kincaid.



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I hope…


I hope we grow

To be

The kind of people

Who love


Over their glass of wine

Long after their dinner


 Of nothing in particular


For this week’s Magpie. This week’s prompt too, like the previous week’s, appealed to the Ms. Mush in me, who loves all things romantic. 🙂


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Thursday Challenge 11

This is my entry for the week’s Thursday Challenge.  This week’s theme at Thursday Challenge is HAPPY (including Celebrations, Parties, Gifts, Enjoyment, etc.)

This cutie pie snowman was part of the Christmas decorations at our office last year. There were a lot of pics with me that would have suited this week’s theme, but I finally decided to post this one. It might be too late in the year to post a Christmas pic, but I couldn’t resist this one.  Moreover, Christmas is one season that means happiness for me.

What’s your ‘happy’ pic? Bring it on!

PS: Wishing everyone a happy Tamil New Year! 🙂


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Rain love

Dearest better half,

Let there always be

Long drives on winding roads

Destination none in particular

Us, tuned in to our song

Singing along, off-key, in high pitch

While the raindrops pitter and patter

On the windows

Keeping us company

Us, waiting to stop, somewhere, anywhere,

And do a jig for the rain

Let us always have

Between us

The magic and love of all things rain

Your eternally romantic



For this week’s Magpie. I simply loved this week’s prompt. 🙂


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Wordless Wednesday 31

Shot at a store in the Namdroling Monastery, Bylakuppe, near Coorg, on our visit to the quaint place last weekend. 🙂


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I am a beehive of activity

Cleaning, mopping, washing, dusting

Hiding stains

Wiping off peeling plaster

Mona Lisa

Smiles down at me

From a cheap imitation

I bought off a pavement artist

I smile back at her

Putting my feet up on the sofa

A pleasant ache in my limbs

And tell her “I’m home!”


For this week’s Magpie. I know it’s not strictly about the pic, but this is what came to mind when I thought about it. 🙂


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A wolf whistle cut through the lonely bylane.

The pair of seemingly endless legs encased in tight blue denim stopped in their tracks. The jet black hair was thrown back as the head turned, revealing a pretty face – just as pretty as the swinging gait had suggested.

Aye haaye! Chikni!” A snide comment from the youth standing some distance behind her in faded jeans and a white T-shirt.

She gave him no response other than a smirk. Which only served the purpose of him coming dangerously close to her.

Chikni! Chalti kya?” The youth spoke again, with a menacing look in his eyes.

She brooked no response, again, and started on her way, only to be shocked out of her wits when he grabbed at her hand. “Mast hai re.. Apni meethi aawaz nahi sunayegi kya?” the youth questioned, the look in his eyes turning into something of a very primitive nature.

He had been totally unprepared for the blow that landed on his face. Square. “Eh? Bahut charbi chadhi hai kya tujhko? Abhi batata hoon tujhe…” Another sucker punch interrupted him mid-way through the sentence, this time in his stomach. He could feel his teeth rattle. There was a question in his eyes now, but no more words came out.

Another punch on his face and he felt the blood trickling down his jawline. He looked around the lane, but it was as lonely as it had been when he had spotted the beauty walking down. “Er… sorry madam. Maaf kar dijiye,” he mumbled. A sheepish half-smile. She gave a nod, and he was gone. Crossed the lane and vanished out of her sight in a minute.

She smiled as she fingered the black belt and the karate uniform she was carrying in her duffel bag. “My shield,” she thought, “It has never let me down.” She silently thanked her parents who had given her all the weapons that she would ever need to fight against any sword or dagger in the world – self-respect and education being among them.


“Aye haaye! Chikni!” – roughly translates into “Hey, beautiful!”

“Chikni! Chalti kya?” and “Mast hai re.. Apni meethi aawaz nahi sunayegi kya?” roughly translate to “Beautiful, will you come with me?”, and “You’re beautiful… Won’t I get to listen to your beautiful voice?”

“Bahut charbi chadhi hai kya tujhko? Abhi batata hoon tujhe…” roughly translates to “You’re very haughty. I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Maaf kar dijiye.” translates to “Forgive me.”

All of these are Hindi slang words.


This post is for the week’s prompt at Magpie Tales. I know it’s quite Bollywoodish, but it is something I strongly believe in. Couldn’t resist writing this when I saw the prompt this week. 🙂



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