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Thursday Challenge 13

For this week’s Thursday Challenge. The theme for this week is SPRING (including New Life, Green, Melting Snow, Pleasant Weather, etc.)

These beautiful flowers were blooming on a tree in our neighbourhood a couple of weeks back. I used to love looking at them every day. 🙂 Sadly, they are gone after the heavy rains in the last week.



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Day 2 – 7 days of positivity :)

Yesterday was not a very great day, but there were, indeed, some little bright spots. Here’s my positivity list for yesterday:

1. I was grateful to have the day off, being a Sunday. I was happy to be able to rest when I am unwell, and not having to worry about taking a day off from work.

2. I was grateful to have a family to check up on me periodically and enquire about my health. I was grateful for a mother-in-law who cares enough to bring home a string of flowers for her daughter-in-law.

3. I was grateful to spend some time in the evening at a park, just relaxing, doing nothing and enjoying the natural beauty around us.

4. I was happy to try out something I have never made at home before – Aloo Parathas. I was happy to see they turned out quite well.

5. I was happy for my ability to lose myself in books and nature. I was happy with the way my pains just disappear when I read for some time or look at nature for a while.



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The ideal family – Katherine Mansfield

23rd shot of short: The ideal family – Katherine Mansfield

Available online here

This is the story of Mr. Neaves, a man on whom old age is creeping in, and his family. His family appears to outsiders to be an ideal one, the kind that you read about and see on stage. But the reality is quite different.

It is quite a sad story, and left me feeling a tad depressed.

I read this story from Classic Short Stories – Reader’s Digest Collection.

Favourite quote: No man had a right to such eyes, such lashes, and such lips; it was uncanny.


I read this for the 100 Shots of Short Challenge. 78 stories more to go, for the Challenge, but I must say I would love to go beyond that!!

People, I am tired of reading sad stuff, and desperately need a shot of energy (read = some feel-good, happy, short stories). If you have any, please to share the loot!


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Something caught my attention in an M&B some time ago (yes, even M&Bs can be enlightening AT TIMES!!!) and has been with me ever since. I finally dug it out, and here it is:

Climbing, hiking, camping–those have been an important part of my life ever since I was a boy. They’re at the heart of my work, because whatever I’ve learned by my ventures into the mountains affected my professional vision, too.

I tell myself I should be grateful for having had all those years of physical freedom. That adjusting to the damned wheelchair is just a matter of learning to explore the world in a different way.

~ From ‘A dance on the edge’

Something I am feeling very strongly about of late…


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