Thursday Challenge 12

This is my entry for the week’s Thursday Challenge. This week’s theme is COMPLEX (including Complicated, Tangled, Intricate, Mess, etc.)

I took this pic at the Agra Fort. I loved the way the sunlight was streaming in through the lattice work…



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Wordless Wednesday 33: Dancing lady

Some attempts at shooting the beautiful dancing lady I picked up at Trichy a couple of years back….

I love watching this doll – a bobblehead, popularly known as Tanjore Thalai Atti Bommai (the Tanjore head-shaking doll) in India. One lazy Saturday afternoon, when I was super bored, it was this lady who rescued me and kept me entertained for hours together. 🙂

Is it just me or do her expressions really look different with every movement of her neck and body?


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Baby Taj

Did you know that there’s a monument that is popularly known as Baby Taj, which could have been the ‘draft’ of the world-famous Taj Mahal? Well, I didn’t, till I visited Agra and was told about it by the locals. The actual name of Baby Taj is Itmad-ud-Daula’s Tomb, and it is very similar to the Taj Mahal in a lot of respects. According to Wikipedia, the Baby Taj is a mausoleum commissioned by Noor Jehan, the wife of Mughal king Jehangir, for her father. A number of Noor Jehan’s relatives have been laid to rest in this mausoleum.

Here are some pics of the Baby Taj, for your viewing pleasure…

That’s the entrance to the monument, and the GREEN lawns sprawled around it.

We entered the beautifully decorated archway….

…. to find this!

This is another view of the mausoleum from outside…

I loved the sheer prettiness and craftsmanship on the walls and tiles inside the monument. That’s one of the tombs you can see in the above pic.

The place is full of intricate lattices – representing the amazing skills that the craftsmen of those times possessed.

Apparently, there were a number of precious and semi-precious stones studded into the walls and ceiling of the building. Several have been lost, but some still do exist.

That’s the beautiful design on the walls we saw in one part of the building, inlaid with pure white marble. In spite of the heat outside, the inside of the monument was cool and pleasant, thanks to all the marble.

I loved this design on the tiles inside the monument. Very Jodha Akbar-ish.

It’s a lovely structure, and I enjoyed knowing about the history of the place.


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A tag for today, because I am super bored and can’t think of anything clearly, and this tag on Sue’s blog sounded like the perfect thing to chase the blues away. 🙂

These are the things that have been a part of my life so far —
4 Jobs
Proof reader
Freelance translator
Content writer
Content editor
4 movies I love


Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

Mr. India

There are a lot more, but these were the first 4 that came to mind.

4 Places Lived

4 Places Vacationed
Among others 🙂
4 Dishes I can make
Yummy rasam rice
Mushroom masala
Pani poori
Baingan Bharta
Among others, again 🙂
4 Sites Visited Daily
Uniquely Priya
A selection of blogs from my blog roll
4 places I would rather be

In bed. Sleeping.

In a pretty garden with beautiful flowers, reading a book and listening to bird song

At Ahmedabad

At a coffee shop, thinking of nothing, doing nothing, just sitting with a cup of coffee and a sandwich.


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Remember I told you guys about this flower that I saw in Ooty and fell in love with? That was about two years back. I loved the flowers so much that I got some seeds from Ooty and we planted them at our home. In no time, the leaves appeared, but I was disappointed when there were no flowers for over a year. The hubby and me painstakingly continued to water and love the plant and hoped that one day, it would flower…. and it did. After about two years, it did, and how!

Beautiful pale pink blossoms started appearing one day, all of a sudden. They were very few initially, but then we began to see two separate, large balls – each made of tiny, pretty flowers. The flowers were definitely worth the wait. My day doesn’t begin until I go out to the balcony and have a look at these flowers and lovingly hold them.

Take a look at these beauties from our garden. I love the colour – it is no wonder that art takes its inspiration from nature. 🙂

ETA: These flowers are called Hydrangea. Just learned. 🙂


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I love the way a person gets transformed when he/she is talking to the ‘someone special’ of their life. There is a smile in their eyes, and the entire face is lit up. Eyebrow and hand movements get animated.  A flush creeps up their neck. Sometimes there’s a cheeky grin on their face, sometimes there’s that shy smile which says so much. The voice changes too – it becomes softer. Happiness is writ large all over their body. Even serious people turn all mushy and goofy under the situation. One might pretend to talk to one’s Akka or Daddy Darling on the phone, but more often than not, it’s quite evident whom one is talking to. 🙂

It’s quite lovely a scene to watch, actually. I witnessed the magic happening on a young lady yesterday, after a long, long time, and was charmed by it, all over again…


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I hope…


I hope we grow

To be

The kind of people

Who love


Over their glass of wine

Long after their dinner


 Of nothing in particular


For this week’s Magpie. This week’s prompt too, like the previous week’s, appealed to the Ms. Mush in me, who loves all things romantic. 🙂


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