Mr. Green Thumbs

Scene: The better half is on a work tour, and his wife is pining away for him missing him. There’s an exchange of SMSes between them.

Me: Hey! How’s the work going?

BH: Great! Hey, did you water the plants in the morning?

Me: Yes, I did. Don’tya worry about them. When will you be back?

BH: Ok. You watered them properly, right? Please water them again in the evening after you get home.

Me: Sure. Listen, when are you back?

BH: Listen, the tomato plants are large, so give them more water. Don’t water the orchid too much. There are some stones in the pot that’s there in the corner. Don’t throw them away. OK?

Me: Go man. Come and water them yourself.

BH: Hey, can you call the neighbours and ask if the plants are looking well?

Me: Grrr

BH: Yeah, yeah. Miss you too… So, how are you doing?

So now you know why the plants in our house are flourishing and I am floundering.



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12 responses to “Mr. Green Thumbs

  1. Wow! He is really concerned about the plants! 🙂

  2. I can’t believe you are competing with plants for attention sis 😛

  3. Yes, yes we sure do know 🙂


  4. priyaiyer



  5. Too bad jiju! 😦 Sigh.. Men and their muses!

  6. Anu

    He was sounding too concerned about plants just to make you J 😉

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