Baby Taj

Did you know that there’s a monument that is popularly known as Baby Taj, which could have been the ‘draft’ of the world-famous Taj Mahal? Well, I didn’t, till I visited Agra and was told about it by the locals. The actual name of Baby Taj is Itmad-ud-Daula’s Tomb, and it is very similar to the Taj Mahal in a lot of respects. According to Wikipedia, the Baby Taj is a mausoleum commissioned by Noor Jehan, the wife of Mughal king Jehangir, for her father. A number of Noor Jehan’s relatives have been laid to rest in this mausoleum.

Here are some pics of the Baby Taj, for your viewing pleasure…

That’s the entrance to the monument, and the GREEN lawns sprawled around it.

We entered the beautifully decorated archway….

…. to find this!

This is another view of the mausoleum from outside…

I loved the sheer prettiness and craftsmanship on the walls and tiles inside the monument. That’s one of the tombs you can see in the above pic.

The place is full of intricate lattices – representing the amazing skills that the craftsmen of those times possessed.

Apparently, there were a number of precious and semi-precious stones studded into the walls and ceiling of the building. Several have been lost, but some still do exist.

That’s the beautiful design on the walls we saw in one part of the building, inlaid with pure white marble. In spite of the heat outside, the inside of the monument was cool and pleasant, thanks to all the marble.

I loved this design on the tiles inside the monument. Very Jodha Akbar-ish.

It’s a lovely structure, and I enjoyed knowing about the history of the place.



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15 responses to “Baby Taj

  1. krishna

    there’s a mini taj mahal in aurangabad. it’s a lookalike.

    • priya


      Thanks for the info! 🙂
      I didn’t know that.. Just googled it and was amazed to see that the Aurangabad Mini Taj is exactly the same as the Agra Taj Mahal!

  2. Baby Taj is splendid! 🙂

  3. Hey!
    You should read The Twentieth Wife, Feast of Roses and Shadow Princess (all by Indu Sundaresan) – the first two are about Mehrunnisa, who later became Nur Jahan, Jahangir’s wife. The third is about Shah Jahan, Jahanara and the building of the Taj. I bet you’ll love it 🙂

    • priya

      @Chindi Chitranna

      Hey there! How have you been?
      You won’t believe it – this is the fifth or sixth time I’m getting a recommendation to read Indu Sundaresan’s books. Plus I’ve read some glowing reviews of her books on various blogs, which have tempted me to the core. I’ve never read historical fiction so far, and I’m guessing this would be a good place to start.
      Thanks for the reco! 🙂

  4. Swaram

    Read abt it in books, thanks for letting me see the pics too 🙂

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing the info and pics. I have never heard of it before

  6. I just learned something. Looks beautiful and the intricate work is amazing. Thanks for taking the time to share this.

  7. Beautiful. I have been to Agra so many times, but I have never seen this 😦

    • priya


      A lot of people see only the Taj Mahal when they visit Agra. Most people ignore the other places, but the Agra Fort and the Baby Taj are worth a visit, too. 🙂

  8. Just finished reading Shadow Princess, I think you will enjoy it if you want to know more about these monuments. She’s done a real nice job of breathing life into her characters.

    Came over from the comment on my blog. Sad to know you’re shutting this down. Is it really such a bad thing for your worlds to intersect?

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